MindsUntapped Certified Service PRovider Series

The MindsUntapped Certified Service Provider (CSP) Series is a collection of intensive training modules designed to equip each attendee with skills necessary to provide direct services for individuals with specific early learning and behavior needs. Attendees receive a digital, nontransferable certificate that allows them to provide services for one year. Multiple training options are available.

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Early Intervention certification

In-depth, in-person, early intervention solution to be a MindsUntapped CSP for individuals with autism. Expert led sessions provide extensive training for professionals to provide service using evidence-based (ABA) behavior strategies for children ages birth to five. Attend the MindsUntapped Early Intervention program to grow as a professional, learn new strategies, and collaborate with other professionals. Most importantly, take your learning with you as you help early learners find their untapped potential.


Social Success Intervention Certification

The next step after Early Intervention, Social Success Intervention Certification builds on early learning foundations, but targets learners from ages 5 to 21, who require evidence-based behavior and social strategies to reach their full potential in education and daily life. Experts lead participants through strategies for learners with autism and other learning challenges. Continue to find and use MindsUntapped Resources as you help school-aged learners find their untapped potential.


Life Intervention Certification

Learning continues long after high school graduation. Life Intervention Certification is built for older learners who have difficulty regulating their behavior. Experts lead sessions and convey contemporary and proven strategies for older individuals. See and experience the methods, tools, and technologies you can use to teach new life skills for older learners. Best of all, share what you have learned with colleagues and make a difference for life!


Parent and Caregiver TraiNING

A community of support outside of the classroom or learning environment is a contributing factor to overall successful communication and learning needs of individuals with differing needs. Family members, care-providers, and essential others will benefit from participating in this training module by learning key features of MindsUntapped platform, how to integrate into the home and community, and connect to resources when assistance is needed.


MindsUntapped Refresher Course ONLINE

Annual refresher courses required for re-certification to be a MindsUntapped Certified Service Provider. Following the completion of the refresher online course, attendees will be re-issued certification with updated information.